A MERCADO-House building is a complete weatherproof and load-bearing structure in its own right. Subject to planning control, the exterior and interior finish can be of almost any material of your choice. This represents one of the fundamental advantages of the MERCADO-House system - namely, that the structure is completed swiftly and independently of the exterior and interior cosmetics.

With MERCADO-House you choose the face you want to put on, be it the most traditional tudor building or the most modern house designed by the most skillful of architects.

Interior Finishes

Interior walls can be treated in the same way as exterior walls, although usually a dry lined plaster board applied in the conventional manner is the preferred option. Battens can also be used to dry line.

MERCADO-House does not need to be dry lined with thermally insulated 30-40 mm EPS backed plaster-board as in conventional build. The 50 mm internal insulation is already in place as an integral part of the MERCADO-House system.

Technical notes:

Wet finishes do not usually require a reinforcing mesh. Thistlebond is applied to the MERCADO-House blocks in an 8-11mm coat and left to dry overnight. The following day, a 2mm skim of multi-finish is applied. For dry lining, simply fix plasterboard to the wall with dabs of dry wall lining adhesive in the conventional manner.

At the beginning of plastering the block surfaces should be roughened first with a wire brush or similar to provide additional key.


Exterior render is the easiest and most cost-effective of all the exterior finishes. Rendering onto the MERCADO-House blocks is a well-established and proven practice, with an over 40-year history involving literally millions of sqare meters world wide.

There are several established methods involving the use of either a reinforcing mesh or base layer - usually both.

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